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Practice Sama and Dama

Calmness of mind comes through the practice of Sama and Dama. Sama is calmness of mind induced by the eradication of Subtle desires. Renunciation of desires through discrimination constitutes the practice of Sama, one of the sixfold virtues. If a desire arises in your mind, do not give way to it. This will become the practice of Sama. Sama is keeping the mind in the heart by practice. Sama is restraint of the mind by not allowing it to externalize or objectify. The restraint of the external activities and the Sense organs is the practice of Dama.

If you renounce the desire for eating sweets, it is Sama. If you do not allow the feet to carry you to the store to purchase the sweets, if you do not allow the eyes to see the sweets and if you do not allow the tongue to taste…

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