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Big problem Business problems and conquering adversity conceptBlanchard’s Situational Leadership® II model is based on the idea that an individual’s development is goal or task specific.  It also teaches that there are four predictable phases a person goes through as they develop.  In a nutshell when learning something new we often start out as an Enthusiastic Beginner.  Then from there, if we stay at it and practice we become a Self-Reliant Achiever.

One challenge organizations face is when individual contributors, who are Self-Reliant Achievers in most of their work, are tapped for leadership roles.  While they may be experts in their previous individual role, they are rarely at the Self-Reliant Achiever level when they move into their first leadership position.

More realistically they start out as beginners commencing a long leadership development learning journey.  This shift from being master of their previous universe to “wet behind the ears” can often be challenging.  If new leaders don’t recognize…

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