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What Are We Thinking?

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“You become what you think about all day long.” – Earl Nightingale

Our minds are a powerful force in our lives. One thought, perpetuated to fruition, can lead to wide scale crisis. That same mind, given a productive and enlightened focus, can create enormous benefits and blessings.

As human beings we are bound by the laws of physics. The law “nature abhors a vacuum” applies to our thought life as well.

Stop right now, and check your thoughts. What is the dominant thinking you have going on inside right now? Thoughts of self, frustration, and survival? Or thoughts of encouragement, making your world better, modeling exemplary leadership qualities?

Many times our thoughts are fixed on the material things of this world. While these things can enrich our lives and be enjoyable, they do perish over time. The thing we wanted in our teens seem worthless in our 20’s. And what we desired for…

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