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In his recent blog post on Decoding Leadership, business author and consultant Norm Smallwood laments that if you ask 30 leadership development experts to define leadership, you get 31 different answers. To make his point he recounts an experience meeting with a group of senior executives and asking the question: “What are qualities of effective leaders?” Here’s a partial list of their responses:

Authentic, Transparent, Emotional intelligence, Interpersonal effectiveness, Servant-leader, Humility, Leaders not managers, Know contingency theory by mapping response to situation, Live the 7 Habits, Build a vision, Ensure customer centricity

It was this type of experience that lead Smallwood, together with co-authors Dave Ulrich and Kate Sweetman to write Leadership Code: Five Rules to Lead By.  In their new book, the authors identify what they believe are some commonalities among all of the leadership theories out there today.  See if you agree:

Rule 1: Shape the future.

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