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The Title alone of this likely makes many of you Wonder!

Many Successful sales resources are focused on Reacting.  Reacting to customers, reacting to bosses, reacting to your company; that IS what some sales people do.

Unfortunately, it can really backfire.  As a sales professional, if you just keep reacting, it can have a number of negative effects:

  • The Customer will begin to expect that you will Always React, no matter the request.
  • You give away all of your Power to the Customer.
  • You lose the ability to Coordinate the Sales Process (Notice I did not say Control!)
  • Your Competition will know that you are taking this approach, and use it against you.

So, instead of Reacting, how about this as an approach:

  • Confirm that there is Reason to do what the Customer is asking of you
  • Question those Asking you the Key Questions:
    • Why is this Important?
    • Why is…

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