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Wise or Sectarian

Great Middle Way

14079896_10210695708215644_4378556821155254739_nThe Dharma shows us the way to remove the causes of pain and to attain the experience of supreme well-being. Yet there is the danger of taking hold of Dharma incorrectly. If this danger is not avoided and one’s approach to Dharma is faulty, such “Dharma” becomes a cause of harm instead of benefit. This is not the intent of the Enlightened Ones nor of the Masters who have entrusted it to us.

Recognize and avoid this danger; it is narrow mindedness. It manifests among Buddhists in the form of sectarianism ―an attitude of partiality, a tendency to form deluded attachments to one’s own school and to reject other schools of Buddhism as inferior.


A wise person’s mind is vast like the sky, with room for many teachings, many insights, and many meditations. But the mind of an ignorant sectarian is limited, tight, and narrow ―like a vase that…

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