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Are you leveraging the power of neuroscience to help your customers?  Or are you putting customers into a brain state that is undermining your goal of keeping them coming back? Let’s take a quick assessment.

NeuroService Comparison ChartRank your service through the eyes of your customers. How would they respond to this statement:

After an interaction with me,an internal or external customer would say they felt: A) Brilliant, Respected, Alive, Independent, and Noticed; or B) Bored, Rejected, Apathetic, Insecure, and Neglected.

To move responses in a more positive direction, consider using a neuroscience approach.  What would it take to help people feel brilliant, respected, alive, independent, and noticed?  Here are five ways to get started.

Brilliant: To feel brilliant, the pattern-seeking brain takes in millions of bits of information, seeking to connect them with other previous ideas and information. You can help people feel brilliant by making those connections—showing people…

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