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First Friday Book Synopsis

Without going into detail, my wife and I had a disappointing experience with a restaurant over the weekend. Not terrible – just disappointing.

I got to thinking… It’s no secret that customer service needs to improve, in a lot of arenas. And especially in the face-to-face encounters in retail and restaurants, things especially need to improve.

from Six Sigma Institutefrom Six Sigma Institute

And, the idea of “Six Sigma,” with its emphasis on “reduction of defects,” allows us to think about the customer service experience. Our disappointing restaurant experience had to do with: the order was wrong; the server did not really listen and write down aspects of our order correctly; and, thus, there were “defects”/mistakes in the delivery of our order.

In other words, too many mistakes – too many defects.

I’m reading The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly, and he observes our now consistent expectation that we will receive what we expect…

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