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“Our” Country

Great Middle Way

early-world-mapFor Dharma practitioners, our place of birth is not “our” country. It never was. We may have built a niche for ourselves there that shelters us to some extent from the true character of the place. We may have some good friends and relatives; we know what areas are safe and what areas to avoid; we know where to work and shop, and how to get around… We feel somewhat comfortable.

In reality, wherever we go, we are not of that place. We do not belong in samsara. It is a myth, a falsity, that there is an ideal place where we “fit in”. Every place in samsara is a place of birth, disease, aging, and death. There is no perfect location. Some places are just more tolerable than others, and only for a little while.

Attachment to the place of birth, like every other attachment, is a cause…

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