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Half of nine- Periyavaa


Courtesy: Sri.KS.Ramki

What is half of nine?

Periyava camp at Thenambakkam, near Kanchi. Few patasala students including Sri Ganesan (Now, Sri Ganesan Ganapatigal, Bangalore) have come for darshan. Periyava has begun to say a purana story of Lord Shiva. Sri Ganesan Ganapatigal hardly remember the story but do recollect the ‘roopa’ description by Periyava. Shri Thiruvisampettai Venkatrama Iyer have come there & did namasakaram. Periyava was continuing the story. He did a namaskaram again. Periyava was continuing. Did a namaskaram again. Periyava stopped & told…
Periyava looked at him & told, “ask him what he wants?”
Sri Venkataraman Mama was on some look out but the same time don’t want to interrupt Periyava. Now that Periyava has paused, he has asked for ‘Utharavu’.
Periyava, “Oh! need to leave right now?”
He said he has to leave to meet a donor who has assured to pay Rs. 20,000/- So he must…

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