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How Your Body Stays Young

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January 11, 2012 Diana Herrington

Do you know that your body is 15 ½ years old? You probably have had more birthdays than that – I certainly have.

“According to recent research, that’s the average age of your body – your muscles and guts, anyway. You might think that you have been around since the day you were born, but most of your body is a lot younger,” says Gaia Vince at New Scientist magazine.

The reason the average age is 15 ½ years is because every day 432 billion cells die and are replaced with new cells. That is a lot of cells.

Last week for instance, I cut myself while chopping vegetables; that cut healed completely which means millions of cells were replaced. It doesn’t stop there though: all over my body, old cells are dying and are being replaced. It’s happening in your body too.


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