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meditating-buddha-largeMeditation practice is not something extraordinary. Most of us eat every day, bathe every day, and sleep every night, because they are basic and necessary for our wellbeing. So is meditation. It gives us rootedness and emotional solidity. It allows us to maintain our centeredness —our peace— when faced with the constant challenges of daily life.

But it may take time to establish daily regularity. We can start with a modest, achievable goal: two or three times per week, and build on that. Kyabje Tashi Norbu Rinpoche used to say, to encourage whatever level of regular practice is possible at any given moment: “Seven days a week is optimal, but 6 days is better than 5, 5 is better than 4, 4 is better than 3, 3 is better than 2, 2 is better than 1, and 1 is better than none.”

Every action has consequences, and every cause produces…

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