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Sankaran Kovil



1 Introduction

Sankaran kovil is home to the famous Sankara Narayanar temple. The temple is also known as Sankaranayinarkovil.

This temple is a representation of fusion of two faiths SAIVISM AND VAISHNAVISM. This temple is one of the big temples that can be found in the district of Tirunelveli and this is also one of the important shrines of Lord Siva in south India. The main deities in the temple are of Lord Shiva (southern portion inside the temple) and Goddess Parvathi in the name of Gomathi Amman (northern portion) with separate sanctums. There is another deity in between these two that is of Sankara Narayanar.

The legend has it that Lord Siva appeared, on the request of His consort Parvathi, revealing Lord Vishnu in Him on His right side half to prove that Hari (Lord Vishnu) and Hara/Haran (Lord Siva) are one and same. To commemorate this and…

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