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I hope some of you are Tuning it the Radio Show.  This week, Don Reppert  and I talked about a lot of topics.  We are in the Age of Enablement.  Consider the following points:

  • To be better Sales Enabled, Outsiders are Key – it is hard to Change from within – get people to look at what you are doing and not try to Protect what is in place already.
  • Enablement needs to be valuable to Seller & Company.  If not, then it just becomes One more “Task” that is demanded by Corporate.
  • Technology has Advanced a lot.  BUT, just because you have a Tool does not Mean you are enabled.
  • Review of Opportunities and Accounts: Needs to be done on a Continual basis.  If not, then you are usually Behind before you know.  It also has to be done in a way that brings value to Seller, and is…

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