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I am a free bird…

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

I have no duties to perform or obligations to fulfill.

Name and form do not belong to me. I have forgotten the limitations imposed by knowledge. The eyes see, the ears hear, but there is no one who is looking, no one who is listening. The body and the brain are alive and alert, but there is no mind, no thinker. Thoughts come and go, but they never disturb the peace that is always present.

Like an actor on the stage, I perform whatever actions are required of me. Still I know that it is all a play. Who can say what life is? The body breathing, the senses responding—what could be more miraculous than this?

In this liberation, there has never been any bondage. I understand that there is nothing to understand. In this completeness, there has never been any incompleteness. I know that I am the One. There…

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