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Pleasure and Pain – Really?

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

Pleasure and pain are the effects of virtue and vice. They are two kinds of emotions that pertain to the mind alone. It is the mind alone which brings pleasures and pains on itself and enjoys them through its excessive inclination towards objects. Mind contracts during pain and expands during pleasure.

Ego creates the body. Prana (Vital Energy from Breath) does all sorts of efforts. Mind experiences pleasure and pain. If you perform actions through a stainless mind, your body will not share their fruits.

There are only facts, vibrations or phenomena outside. Nature is blind. Nature is quite indifferent. There is neither pleasure nor pain in objects. It is all mental creation, mental perception, mental jugglery. It is only the mental attitude or certain kind of mental behavior towards objects that brings joy or grief, pleasure and pain. Maya (Deception) has her powerful seat in the imagination of theā€¦

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