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Experiences with Maha Periyava: Give grass, the sins will go away!
A rich devotee sent a friend in his car to an outstation on an errand of his. Unfortunately, there was an accident on the way causing heavy damage to the car, and the friend passed away immediately.
There was no end to the grief this caused to the devotee. His remorse that a family lost its head because of him did not let him rest in peace. He donated plenty of cash to the family, but then how would the cash compensate their loss?
The devotee was in doubt if the Brahmahatya dosha (the sin of killing a Brahman) had befallen him.
There was no way to share his mental anguish with anyone and seek shastra pramana (scriptural authority) consultations.
So he came to the supreme authority.
Sri Maha Periyava patiently listened to everything the devotee told him…

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