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Courtesy: Sri.R.Gopalakrishnan


In the Aadi month of Khara varsha (July 2011), accompanied by my wife, I went on a pilgrimage to Gaya, Prayaag and Varanasi (or Kasi), to fulfil the religious duties including sraaddha, and returned with great peace and tranquillity. Naturally many friends came to enquire about the tour and I gave them the details of where I went and what I did.

Subsequently quite a few people asked me to write about my experiences in these places and publish it as a booklet, and add on other fac-ets like sthala puranas (history or legend of the place), and I obliged. The booklet was written in Tamil and published some time ago. The slim volume in your hands is a transcription into English of the same booklet.

Sri V S Kumar of Srinagar colony, Chennai took interest and helped me in doing the translation. He has doneā€¦

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