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Vishnu Pada at Gaya, India Vishnu Pada,Gaya.

Performance of Srardham or obeisance to ancestors and visit to Kasi/Varanasi is a most sacred duty of the Hindus.

Performing the prescribed Rites for the departed as laid by ht e Sastras is an important aspect of Hinduism.

Locating the Sastris or Vadhyar in both the places is an arduous task.

Not that the Sastrigals are unavailable.

There are n number of these.

But unfortunately greed for money has taken precedence over the Duty of Brahmins.

Before any one jumps the gun , let me add that I am a Brahmin and knows a bit about the Sastras, especially of Saucha and Asaucha Vidhis.

And I understand from those who have availed the services were bitter.

I had been to Gaya ,Allahabad and Varanasi recently.( by the way, why is it Ilahabad is spelled Allahabad while the Hindi script is Ilahabad?)

I presume that the purpose of those…

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