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Courtesy: Sri.K.Muralidharan Iyengar

Dear All,

Greetings. As Mahalaya Paksham starts on Tuesday, Sep 9, 2014, I am happy to share a rare hymn Sri Gadadhara Stotram from Varaha Puranam, and Chapter 7 titled "Attainment of Liberation By Uttering Gadadhara Stotram" which appears as part of life of Sage Raibhya.

As we all know, Mahalaya Paksham is an yearly occasion (that spans 15 days culminating in the Mahalaha Amavasya) that is devoted to ancestral worship. We have also seen the importance of worship of the manes through various postings earlier. Offering ancestral worship at Gaya in Bihar at the Vishnuapada Temple is considered the ultimate of the offering. Many Purans including Varaha Puran extol the greatness of offering Shraddha at Gaya.

In Varaha Purana, Chapter 7, Sage Raibhya offers Shraddha to his ancestors and get blessed by the appearance of Sage Sanatkumara. Sage Sanatkumar declares that Sageā€¦

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