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startup business, software developer working on computer at modeWe see and hear a lot of recommendations for how we can not only improve ourselves but also find balance in an increasingly frenetic world.  But not everyone is ready to practice yoga or begin mindfulness training. So I’m going to share something I often suggest to clients when they feel as if they are on a runaway train and life is a blur:

Take control of your brain.

When we aren’t actively focused on something—for example, if we are daydreaming or vaguely replaying our day—our brain goes into default mode—neuroscientists actually call it the default network. Scientists don’t understand this particular phenomenon very well, but I have spent the last few years noticing my own and others’ default patterns or habits.  When driving in the car or walking from one place to another, our default mode is either positive or, more often, negative.

Examples of negative thought…

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