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How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child’-Shakespeare in King Lear.

We are what we are because of our parents.

Even those who talk of Free Will can never deny that one can not choose their parents,siblings and children.

We have a duty to remember parents for what we are to day-we also become parents.

Hinduism venerates parents.

Hinduism places those to be worshiped in this order.


Then comes even God.

The Sastras declare’A woman may be of loose morals,but to her children she is God;a man may be a wastrel, to his children he is God.

To remember ancestors  Hindus perform Srardha ceremony yearly to pay their Gratitude to parents.

The Srardha is performed on the Moon‘s postion at the time of death, called Thithi.There are 15 Thithis.

On the appointed Thithi, the Srardha is to be performed by the Son for his parents.


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