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(54)”One sees a snake in a rope, silver in a conch shell, the flowing of water in the mirage – like that when he is known, the whole world vanishes leaving behind Sat alone. I therefore, take refuge in you, O Lord Śiva.”
Śaiva-Mahapurāṇa. (Śatarudra-Samhita ch.13)
ॐ नमः शिवायः
This verse is beautiful and so rich with philosophical content. It is saying that you cannot rely merely only on your five senses to know and understand this divine principal or Reality, Śiva. The individual imagines from afar that he sees a snake, when in reality it is only a rope; he sees water and it is only a mirage, he believes he has found silver when it is in actuality the inside of a seashell. Once you leave behind all sensorial impressions you are left with ”Sat”, meaning in sanskrit the absolute, the true essence (nature) or that which is…

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