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Hamsa (Sanskrit: हंस)


Hamsa : the Soul or empirical individual. The prana (air in expiration, vital energy) and apana ( The vital breath that goes downwards, the inhaled air) breathing sounding inaudibly as ‘ha’ and ‘sah’ respectively with anusvara – am at the junction point forming hamsah which sounds spontaneously in every living being every moment. It is know as ajapa-japa because in every living being it goes on repeating automatically without any conscious effort on their part. When consciously observed, this process, it is called hamsah mantra. On being conscious of this automatic repetition it gets converted into So’ham (I am That).

The meaning of Hamsa is also Swan, a migratory bird. Because of its flawless white color, ability to fly and habit of drinking clean water it has become indicatory of the Self as has been realized by seers and sages. The same word in its inverted form ‘so + ham’…

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