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May the Auspicious Lord Śiva ward off ignorance, egotistic behavior and unconsciousness. Please enjoy and share, thank you! ॐ नमः शिवायः

(76)”Unreal Knowledge is darkness and generator of the sense of inequality and blemishes of sight. Under its effect, the absolutely blemishless Self appears to be the abode of blemishes. Whatever blemishes may arise in course of perception, the aspirant should ward it off, since there is no scope for any doubt about blemish in the Self.” -Śritantralokah (ch.1.331) ॐ नमः शिवायः

Ignorance is not simply the absence of knowledge or the inability to remember some culturally biased fact, ignorance also includes the wrong knowledge. What we teach children in school is too often merely information that we ask the children to memorise. It is understood that this is a necessary tool for all individuals to navigate the world however when we speak of the mystic path, all this information…

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