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screen-shot-2016-03-22-at-6-49-26-am(82)”Absence of division results in the sense of liberation.” – Sritantralokah (ch.3.243)

The powerful statement in this scriptural quote refers to a musical performance being described by Acharya Abhinnavagupta who expounds that the high pitch and the low bass of the drums merge to make a complete indivisible musical flow leading the audience into a sense of satisfaction. This quote however unfolds itself with so many layers that its depth is like a light so bright  you cannot fully observe it due to its overwhelmingly powerful quality. In the mystic texts light symbolizes knowledge, when such knowledge is so clear it becomes so light yet so heavy and rich with meaning and symbolic content. The indivisible quality of Reality as expounded by rishis, seers and Lord Śiva himself in the Agamas is the core understanding of the meaning of ”all-pervading divine sustainer of all things” or the well-known Śambhu having…

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