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The Highest Reality



(78) That very Lord is infinite hence there is no name or word that can truly fully qualify the meaning since words are finite and Śambhu is that Reality which is boundless. We can only merely hint at what the true spiritual meaning of Śiva is. Just like water is wet, one can only truly understand wetness by experiencing it, hence words can only point in the direction of Supreme Benevolence but can never encompass the fullness of the meaning.‘’It is due to mistaking this appearance as the reality that there is diversity of viewpoints in the world.’’- Śritantralokah. In its highest meaning, it is formless, words are forms, they are receptacles of truth.
Why does it matter that Śiva is the root of all? Like a snowball, the universe is expanding. This is relevant within our own lives because in order to identify with the Self one must be…

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