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Handling Confrontation

Practical Practice Management

Being in a management position I cannot say that I enjoy confrontations with my employer or staff members. Although, over the years I have become better at handling confrontation when it does happen, and at times have enjoyed the challenge of turning the situation around positively.

There are a few techniques that I have learned over time that have made these types of situations less stressful and more successful when encountered.

  1. Allow the person to state their complaint completely before speaking. Interrupting them will only make the situation worse. (I learned this the hard way).
  2. Put yourself at the same level as they are if at all possible.  If they are sitting then sit, standing then stand.  Keep your posture good and look at them directly when they are speaking and when you speak to them.
  3. Keep your tone of voice clam and always professional.  Do not use slang words. Speak…

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