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Last weekend, my mom and I went shopping for her upcoming cruise. We went to lots of stores and encountered many levels of service providers.  From the very cranky at being alive to the “I live to serve” type—we got ‘em all.  But a young woman in the shoe department at Macy’s stood out from the rest.

It was their once-yearly, twenty-five-percent-off-anything-if-you-donated-five-dollars-to-charity day, and by the time we got to the shoe part of mom’s outfit it was late in the day.  The place looked like it had rained shoes.  Shoes and stacks of shoeboxes were everywhere. A long line of customers waited outside the mysterious “back room” for a salesperson to come out and help them find the right size. Unfortunately, even after viewing this scene with the knowledge that getting someone to help would be a long shot, mom found the perfect shoes and wasn’t leaving until she…

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