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Female Designers Sitting On Sofa Having Meeting In OfficeNew research published by The Ken Blanchard Companies cites a survey of 600 Millennial-aged workers asking them to list the leadership behaviors they believe most inspire better performance. An analysis of the responses identified five behaviors managers need to put into practice not to simply manage and deal with the next generation workforce, but to inspire them. The five leader behaviors are:

Trust and empower employees. Respondents identified they look for leaders who believe in them enough to trust them with significant responsibilities and to empower them to use their experience and knowledge. As one respondent put it, “When my manager trusts me, it makes me want to do an extremely good job so I don’t let her down and so that trust increases.”

Provide regular feedback to everyone. Respondents indicated a strong desire for positive feedback when it is deserved—for example, when they show advances in learning a…

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