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G. S. VasuNot many seem to have noticed a subtle but clear shift in the narrative. On November 8, we were told that this historic step was taken to cleanse the system of black money. None can complain, even if it means short-term pain. On December 16, we are told that digitisation should be the new way of life. Strangely, black money or its removal is no longer dominating the discourse. – G. S. Vasu

Journalists are often accused of looking at the wrong end of the stick. More so in the case of demonetisation, because it is the most profound public policy, impacting almost the entire population in the post-Independence era.

We cannot think of any other policy which had such a huge impact, positive or negative. And, therefore, the continuing debate on the pros and cons. That the government keeps pushing the deadline to ease the post-demonetisation currency crisis even…

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