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Leading with Honor® - Leadership Lessons Learned

halloween_logoOne emotion related to the Halloween holiday is fear (all in fun, of course), but fear in leadership must be managed before it gets out of control. Fear will take us out of the battle and lead us to abandon our good intentions as leaders. It’s about adopting courage and honor as the guiding force for our daily decision-making.

To choose courage instead of fear in leadership, here are three things we can do to be more courageous –

  1.  Become more aware of your doubts and fears. Stop and reflect on the areas where you’re putting off making a decision or taking action. More than likely you need courage to move ahead.
  2. Sort it out and make a plan. If you don’t have clarity, check in with a teammate or someone you trust to get their perspective of the situation. They don’t have the same emotional investment or concerns you…

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