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Lee Ellis courage

Who needs more courage today? We all do! One of Lee’s foundational leadership lessons is to “Confront your Doubts and Fears”. It’s one of the most important principles that he emphasizes in his consulting and presentations. Spend some time on the question below, and think about the areas of fear that are holding you back –

Question – “In what areas of your life are you lacking courage?” Circle or list all areas that apply:

  • Physical courage (willingness to risk physical pain, injury, or even loss of life)
  • Professional or political courage (willingness to risk promotion, job, or career)
  • Reputational courage (willingness to risk prestige, your standing in the community
  • Relational courage (willingness to risk rejection, disappointment, emotional hurt, loss of relationship)
  • Financial courage (willingness make tough decisions to save more or spend less and get out of debt)
  • Personal and emotional courage (willingness to take risks to grow…

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