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Earlier today I published a new sketchote; one that was inspired by the book by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman, ‘In Search of Excellence’.

Peters and Waterman identified eight attributes that excellent organisations typically have in common. You can see the attributes in the sketchnote above.

Whilst reading through the attributes, it struck me that there was one underlying principle for all eight: Communication. 

Here’s what I found:

  • Attribute #1: A bias for action An excellent organisation will have mechanisms in place to bring together groups of staff quickly and efficiently. Quality circles, project teams and task forces are examples. Key to the success of these is that they are small (no more than 10 members), don’t have unreasonable reporting requirements and have access to all the info they need. Communication up, down and across is as needed and isn’t so hierarchical as to get in the way of the…

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