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In a recent leadership coaching session, a client asked, “how do I manage someone whose performance is great but whose attitude is, at best, questionable? And how the hell do I give them feedback on their attitude?”

I call these individuals ‘Rock stars’ (see my sketchnote above).

And just like a rock-star, this team member can be amazing. A genius, even. They make beautiful music in the form of whatever it is they’re delivering.

They can also be a diva. Make unreasonable demands. Treat others badly.

In my experience of leading teams, this can be the most difficult of team members to coach, manage, guide, advise.  Here are my tips for working with and developing your rock stars:

  1. It starts with you. Are you certain you’re displaying the attitude that you expect your team to have? If you are, then happy days. If not, then you need to work on…

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