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crunch-timeThis guest post is by Judd Hoekstra, Blanchard vice president and coauthor of the new book, Crunch Time, just released on Monday.

In today’s hypercompetitive world, we all face significant pressure to perform. We want to be our best when it matters most. But something happens when the pressure rises. In too many cases, we get in our own way and perform far below our capabilities.

When we’re under pressure, we can think about the situation in one of two ways—either as a threat or as an opportunity. Seeing the pressure situation as a threat cripples our performance. Seeing the pressure situation as an opportunity helps our performance.

Here’s the problem: Our reflexive, instinctual reaction is to perceive pressure situations as threats. While this fight, flight, or freeze reflexive reaction serves as valu­able protection to survive physical threats, it hurts us when applied to most modern-day pressure situa­tions where…

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