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You can’t win by accident.

Boss in the Middle

IMG_0415Being a winner is such an “on purpose” thing.  It’s a habit and a mindset.   Winning takes practice, persistence, faith and focus.  It’s not going to happen by accident. There are many people out here working very hard to ensure you don’t have accidental success.

That’s why things worth having are hard to attain.  You don’t accidentally come in first place.  People don’t accidentally complete the project.  Teams don’t accidentally win championships.  These things take concentrated effort and sacrifice.

As a boss in the middle, you have to remember that no one is going to give you anything.  You need to go hard.  You need to go wisely.

You can only trust God 100%, so keep Him first!

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Three ways to improve your relationships with your peers

Whether fighting over territory (imagined or otherwise) or jostling for position with the boss, peer-to-peer relationships can be fraught with tension. This has become an increasingly common topic across our clients at HALO Psychology. We’ve found that the main cause tends to be a feeling of vulnerability bought on by intense periods of organisational change.

Here are three things that we’ve found have worked with the middle and senior managers we’ve worked with:

Have a frank, respectful discussion with the peer concerned: One of the biggest hurdles we’ve encountered when working with individual managers or teams is the fear of having a conversation with the other person. A really important skill for managers is to be able to have difficult conversations and certainly not avoid them.

Key is not just launching in with a barrage of stuff that’s built up through resentment over time. Book some time in with the peer…

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Daily Inspiration – Make this promise to yourself.

Transform Your Life with Tony T Robinson.

Daily Quote. 

Make this a promise to yourself.  I promise myself that I will always choose happiness. I will love myself and others with all my heart. I will never give up. I will always try my best. I will forgive myself for past mistakes. I will try to do good in the world. I will keep challenging myself. I will always chase my dreams. I will never lose hope. I will not give up on my goals. I will live everyday as though it was my last and I will always strive to be a better person.

.................................................................10 things to do today.

Daily Affirmations 

“I promise myself that I will always do the best that I can and that I will remain positive in the face of adversity and let go of the things I have no control over”

“I promise that I will be a best friend to myself and treat myself with…

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Daily Quote – Adversity Makes You Stronger.

Transform Your Life with Tony T Robinson.


Quote #22

Today you have the power to rise above any and all adversity because adversity only makes you stronger. Let the hardships in life make you a stronger better person, don’t let them break you because the hard times are there to make you aware of what a fighter you are. Look back at all that you have already overcome and know that you can tackle any of the challenges life will throw your way because you are a survivor”

Dealing with Adversity.

We deal with adversity every day from a multitude of external sources but the greatest form of adversity is overcoming your internal voice. You know, the one that reprimands and quietly whispers doubt in your ear at your weakest moment. The voice that undermines you and says “Who do you think you are, you can’t do this”.

I know you know that voice because we’ve…

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You are a Caterpillar.

Transform Your Life with Tony T Robinson.


“Don’t cry for the person that you used to be. Thank them because without them you couldn’t be the beautiful strong person that you are today. We are all evolving and must shed the skin of our yesterdays in order to blossom into who we are supposed to be today”

Additional thoughts. 

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I have changed so much so many times since I was younger that I can’t even say I am Tony 2.0 anymore, im probably something like 8.0 right now and still changing.

No doubt you have gone through plenty of changes yourself and I know that sometimes it can be hard especially when you are not the one driving the change, and by that, I mean circumstances may have happened in your life that force you to grow and become a different version of who you were before. This…

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Feeling Betrayed by Team Member’s Poor Performance? Ask Madeleine

Blanchard LeaderChat

untrustworthy employee faking workDear Madeleine,

I lead a really excellent, large team at a not-for-profit company.  My question is about one of my team members who was passed to me by a peer who didn’t know what to do with her. 

Since she came to my department, this person has been a below average performer and has not responded to feedback.   As a result, I have put her on a performance improvement plan. Now that HR is involved, she is showing up on time, meeting her deadlines, and finally doing her job.

You’d think this would be good, but it has actually decreased my trust in her.  I’m upset because it is now clear she was just coasting before—and it required extreme measures from me to get her to just do her job.

I hadn’t anticipated this odd feeling of betrayal I now have with her, and I don’t see how I can…

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what truly matters…

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

Measure your success only by what truly matters: your happiness and the happiness you bring to others. If today you laughed, felt inspired, or comforted a friend, smiled to a stranger, stood for a cause, or inched closer to one of your dreams, then today was a resounding success.

~ Beau Taplin

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Situational Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (also called EQ) is your ability to understand emotions and your skill at using that insight to manage yourself and your relations with other people. A high EQ is a prerequisite for good leadership because Emotional Intelligence governs the ability to work well with people. Many people view EQ as a static quantity within each person, similar to IQ. In reality, EQ is a dynamic quantity that changes and grows as we gain life experiences.

I participated in an online discussion while teaching a graduate course recently that highlighted the dynamic aspects of EQ. I was asking students to rate their current level of EQ. One person got back that he was strong in EQ, but because of his military background, that skill was not as developed as it might have been. He believes EQ is less important in the military because of the command and control nature…

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Develop Your EI not IQ

TIntelligence tests, like the famous IQ test have been around since the early 1900s. French psychologist Alfred Binet developed what was called the Stanford-Binet Test in 1905.

The objective of IQ tests is to measure the ability of a person to understand and learn complex intellectual concepts. It is a good measure for determining academic success, but it is less useful at predicting happiness or success in life.

The IQ score is normalized for a mean of 100 with a standard deviation of 15. That means roughly 95% of the population will fall between 70 and 130 IQ.

Lower than 70 means some form of mental deficiency while scores above 140 signify genius-level intelligence.

The reason a higher IQ does not always spell success in life is because genius-level individuals are often reclusive or socially maladapted.

In the 1980s several social scientists developed the concept of Emotional Intelligence (commonly called…

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Your Attitude

The one thing you really can control in life is your attitude, yet most people view their attitude as the result of external things happening to them rather than a conscious decision they make every minute of every day. In this brief article, I would like to explore some ideas that can help make your choice more intentional. These ideas are not new or unique; they have been expressed by numerous authors or scientists, and yet they are easily forgotten by anyone in the heat of the moment.

When you react to a stimulus, an emotion is created in the limbic system (right side) of your brain. That emotion will translate into a “feeling” about the stimulus immediately. The reaction is a chemical one that you have no control over at all. Instantly you are caught by the emotion, and this will form into an attitude if you let it.

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