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You are a Caterpillar.

Transform Your Life with Tony T Robinson.


“Don’t cry for the person that you used to be. Thank them because without them you couldn’t be the beautiful strong person that you are today. We are all evolving and must shed the skin of our yesterdays in order to blossom into who we are supposed to be today”

Additional thoughts. 

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I have changed so much so many times since I was younger that I can’t even say I am Tony 2.0 anymore, im probably something like 8.0 right now and still changing.

No doubt you have gone through plenty of changes yourself and I know that sometimes it can be hard especially when you are not the one driving the change, and by that, I mean circumstances may have happened in your life that force you to grow and become a different version of who you were before. This…

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