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These 10 ingredients need to be in place if you want your change project or programme to succeed.

1. A compelling case for change: This needs to be clear, simple, well-written, articulately verbalised, unambiguous and easily understood. Get rid of any corporate speak.

2. A crystal clear vision: The ultimate goal and outcome to be achieved should be clear and easy for all to see, not just the head honchos at the top of the organisation.

3. A well-defined strategy: Your change strategy should set out where you’re trying to go to, the specific steps that need to be taken to get there and the tactics for implementing these steps.

4. An agreed set of values: This verbalises the important things that everyone will hold dear during the change, from chief executive to most junior member of staff.

5. Regular and meaningful communication and engagement: A planned timetable of activity…

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