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It’s been interesting watching the Twitter feed of the CIPD Future of Work conference today. In particular, the message that the ability to build and maintain relationships will be an even bigger commodity. (Note: check out the hashtag #CIPDFoW17)


I still come across managers and leaders who see emotional intelligence as ‘soft and fluffy stuff’.

Yes. Even in 2017.

This, despite there being a wealth of literature on the value of emotional intelligence (EI), both in helping individuals thrive and organisations perform well.

Emotionally intelligent people tend to have higher levels of resilience. They are able to manage their emotions, meaning they can weather shocks in the work place more effectively than less emotionally intelligent people.

Emotionally intelligent people also tend to have better workplace relationships – up, down and across an organisation. This makes them a valuable asset for projects and programmes requiring collaboration.

In short, the more emotionally…

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