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Written by London Swaminathan
Post No. 1076; Dated 31st May 2014.

There is a beautiful story in Yoga Vasishta about a queen and a king which has got deeper meaning. The wife puts three tests to her husband and he passes all the three tests. What are they?

Before reading the story, many may wonder what Yoga Vasishta is. It is a book written by sage Valmiki in Sanskrit. It has got 32,000 verses, one of the longest books in Sanskrit, probably occupying a place next to Maha Bharata and Katha Sarit Sagara. It has got a lot of Hindu stories that are not found elsewhere.

Sikidwaja was the prince of Malava in ancient India. Sikidwaja means a king with peacock flag. His queen was Chudala from Saurashtra country in ancient India (now part of Gujarat state). She was very beautiful and extremely intelligent.

When Sikidwaja was 18 years old…

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