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Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

There are six ways of controlling the Senses: (i) through Inquiry, (ii) by will-force, (iii) by retention of breath in Pranayama, (iv) by restraint, (v) by abstention and (vi) by Vairagya and Giving up. Perfect control can be made only through Inquiry.


Restraint blunts the Senses. Perfect control of the senses is not possible through Restraint alone. If the senses are very sharp and acute, they carry away the minds of even good aspirants impetuously, just as the gale carries away the ship in stormy weather. They can be controlled perfectly through the help of the mind, through Inquiry.

When you walk along famous shopping street in a city, each Sense tries its level best to get hold of its objects of enjoyment and revelry. The Senses revolt vehemently if you do not procure them these objects. Tongue drags you to the coffee hotel. Skin says, “Let me go…

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