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Changes in how, when and where we work, such as flexible and remote working, mean that the deal-making process between managers and employees is becoming even more important.

Referred to as ‘idiosyncratic deals’, these are working arrangements agreed between an employee and manager, aimed at meeting the individual’s specific work-related needs, whilst taking in to account the needs of the wider team.

The research

Research published in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology explored:

  • The impact of a manager’s emotions on the deal-making process, both during (negotiation phase) and after (implementation phase);
  • What influence the employee’s behaviour, both during and after the deal-making process, had on a manager’s emotions; and
  • The impact of socially connecting and disconnecting behaviour by employees i.e. the extent to which their request supported or undermined the wider team’s performance.

The British and French researchers surveyed full-time working executive MBA students in Istanbul…

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