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It often happens when an employer or manager notices that an employee has a change in work behavior they fail to address it, hoping it will just go away.

Changes in an employe’s work behavior usually will not auto-correct if it continues for more than a few days. We all have things that come up in our personal life that can affect our work for a day or two, but if the poor behavior lasts longer than that it needs to be addressed before it has an unhappy ending.

When an employee is unhappy with their job usually they will exhibit one of the following negative behaviors:

  • Reduced productivity.
  • Poor excuses for lack of productivity or mistakes.
  • Impatient with coworkers or customers.
  • Become critical of others.
  • Increased sick leave.

What usually follows these behaviors is complaints from other employees. Many times these complaints are what trigger the employers or managers…

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