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Have you ever thought about coaching yourself?  It’s a good skill to have—especially during an unexpected change, transition, or period of uncertainty. Through self-coaching, you can take control of your thoughts and actions.

Coaching yourself can be a challenge due to biases and assumed constraints.  However, by increasing your awareness of your thoughts and being intentional, you can coach yourself to positive outcomes. Here are six recommendations that may help you.

Silence is Key.  Set aside quiet times for yourself to deeply reflect and explore your thoughts.

Brain Dump.  Write down your thoughts.  Be honest about how you are truly feeling.  Don’t hold back!  Remember, you are only talking to yourself so be honest!

Identify Your Goal or Objective.  In your current reality, state what you truly want to accomplish or change.  Say to yourself, “In a perfect world, I want… or “If I could have it my…

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