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I’ve been working with several leadership clients in recent weeks and what’s been interesting is that, despite coming from different sectors, they’re all grappling with similar issues. The one that has jumped out for all of them is feeling unappreciated by their teams.

These are not bad managers. Far from it, when I’ve spoken to members of their teams. These are managers and leaders who go all out, often behind the scenes, protecting and promoting their team.

Before jumping to the solutions, here are some the questions I’ve asked those leaders:

  1. How have you shown your team you appreciate them? As unique individuals? As the collective whole?
  2. What do you mean by ‘appreciation’?
  3. If your team showed their appreciation, give me some examples of what this would look like?
  4. To what extent are you leading by example in terms of showing appreciation?
  5. To what extent are you behaving in a…

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