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Business Broken Down

Overnight success stories make the best headlines:

“How she earned $50,000 from her side business in just 2 months”

“How this unknown artist soared to the top of the charts”

“How I got 10,000 people to visit my website in just 30 days”

There’s no way anyone can resist clicking on such a story; the allure is indescribable.

Someone with virtually no skills achieves amazing success in such a short amount of time? Sign me up!

It’s not that I’m lazy; it’s just that the quick and easy route appears to be more attractive (perhaps I’m a little bit lazy). I know you feel the same way.

We’ve had it drilled in us over and over again that we have to achieve success NOW! If we don’t, then we may never experience success in our lifetime. It’s an effective fear tactic.

The Overnight Success Myth

Unfortunately, the overnight success story…

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