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I remember reading one time that failure comes in can’ts and success comes in cans. That’s kind of clever but it’s also true. People with a predisposition of ?I can’t” will have a much harder time finding success than those who have a predisposition of ?I can.?

Can?t is a limiting word. Can is a limitless word.

Less successful people focus on what they can’t do while the most successful people are focusing on what they can do.

Can and can’t are just two words, little words at that, but which one you allow to dominate your vocabulary will go a long way towards determining your level of success.

Make certain before you say that you can?t do something that you don?t really mean ?I won?t.? Sadly, ?I can?t? is an all too easy excuse for not making the effort required to succeed. Successful people have made a habit of…

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