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If you are yet to hear of Jay Abraham, you’ve been looking in all the wrong places when it comes to learning to push your business to the next level. He is one of the worlds’ most successful business consultants, responsible for helping over 10,000 businesses.

One of his most well-known, and often talked about, strategies is The Pre-eminence Strategy.

What exactly is pre-eminence?


As defined above, by Google, pre-eminence is being superior, of high distinction. Now, every business wants to be superior, don’t they? But how, in a sales role specifically, can we take the steps to being ‘pre-eminent’? And why would anyone send their customer to their competitor?!

–              Customer Service must be valued above anything else.

No matter what, no exceptions. You need to treat every single interaction as though the customer in front of you (or on the phone) at that time, at that place…

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