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adaptvb.  1. (often followed by to) adjust (something or someone) to different conditions.  2. (tr.) to fit, change or modify to suit a new or different purpose.  –a’daptableadj.a,dapta’bilityn.                 –a’daptiveadj. (The Collins Dictionary and Thesaurus)

There are a number of circumstances where adapting is important for a manager. I’ve picked three to focus on which are:

1. New managers

You’ve made the step up in to your first management position. And you might feel a bit like a rabbit in headlights.

You now need to adapt to your new circumstances. For some new managers I’ve coached, failing to adapt to their new role is the thing that’s undermined them as they have continued to act in the way they did before.

This can be particularly tough for those…

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